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Best Online Immigration Services in Kolkata

Welcome to GO-GLOBAL Immigration Assistance Services – We are a local online immigration Assistance Service provider in Kolkata, India, specializing in visas, work permits, permanent residence, business setup and foreign investment, citizenship, and naturalization proceedings. Being located at your destination, we are determined to give you the best available expertise and service to get you to the heart of Canada, the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Europe & Middle East.

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Visa file preparation

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Go Global in intimate collaboration with IG Spoken English Online under the aegis of RCIC ( Regulatory Canadian Immigration Consultant ) offers the best immigration and visa consultant services.

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About Go Global Immigration Consultancy

Go Global Immigration Consultancy is established by Gloria Philomina Gomes, we boastfully assisted families from numerous quarters of the world seeking to immigrate to Canada or any other country in the world and make it their new home. Mr. Joseph Gomes and Mr. Indrajit Ganguly are the joint Managers of this esteemed organization.

Our practice is widely known for its essence of fair and square, frank, and ethical dealing in this market that has only gone from strength to strength over the years in full swing so that an increasing number of clients now gained trust, reliance, and umpteenth fidelity on us for their immigration-related requirements. Our deeds are absolutely client-focused and offer the best solutions at the most reasonable professional fees.


Our mission is to simplify and satisfy our clients by providing a wide spectrum of service options that not only suit every demand of our clients but also the best deal for them in the market. We provide personalized service with the added advantage of them being value for money. Our core values are very high and we take the roadmap of Honesty and Transparency which always leads to 100 % of client satisfaction.


Our vision is to anticipate the needs of our customers and act upon them immediately with the excellence of our people, we take the constantly changing industry not just as a challenge but as an opportunity to make ourselves grow and excel in our services. Our potential is not just to react to the changes happening around us but also to anticipate them.

Our Ambition

Through quality work and personal attention, we guide our clients pertaining to their requirements. Our priority is maximum satisfaction and we go the extra mile to help fulfill the demands of our clients.


Our Services

As a part of our immigration consultancy services in Kolkata, West Bengal, we offer the following facilities to our clients mentioned below.

Express Entry

Express Entry (EE) is a technique for applying for immigration online. It enables anyone to create a profile and be evaluated for skilled immigration. The highest-ranking candidates will be asked to apply for permanent residence. This is a very effective way to enter Canada for Permanent Citizenship.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which was established in 1998, is the second most popular option for qualified workers to come to Canada after Express Entry. Almost every province and territory has a PNP in place to support its economy by attracting competent people from all around the world.

Student Immigration Visa

Student visas are awarded to applicants whose major reason for visiting a foreign nation is to further their education. According to university rules, students must take English eligibility exams and have all essential documentation on hand in order for their application to be processed smoothly.

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment is a method of obtaining a second citizenship and passport by investing in the economy of another country. This may be performed through a variety of well-established investment opportunities, including Government Bonds, Real Estate, starting a business, and investing in development funds, among others.

Investment Visa

Investors (and their spouses and unmarried children under 21) can apply for permanent residence under this program if they: Make the required investment in a commercial enterprise in the United States, Canada, or any European Country and Plan to create or preserve some permanent full-time job opportunities for qualified workers in that nation.

Startup Visa Program

In several nations, the Startup Visa is a periodic conditional residency status. It intends to create a visa class for entrepreneurs that raise outside capital that can be converted to a permanent resident visa provided certain criteria are satisfied. Canada, Australia, France, and many other countries offer a similar program to people all over the World.

Self-Employed Visa

The Self-employed Persons Program permits self-employed persons to come to Canada and various other nations in the world permanently. To be considered self-employed, you must have two years of relevant experience and demonstrate that you intend to work for yourself in that country. Several European nations have begun to give freelance and digital nomad visas to foreigners in order to make the working process more flexible and productive.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a program that allows people from other nations to come to Canada. The Province of Saskatchewan, through the SINP, invites non-Canadians who desire to make Saskatchewan their home to apply for residency. Nominates successful candidates for permanent resident status in Canada to the federal government.

Work Permit Visa

A work visa allows eligible foreign nationals to work in the country for a set length of time. Work permits are divided into seven categories: Hot Work, Cold Work, Confined Spaces Work, Chemical Work, Height Work Permits, and Excavation Permits are some of the types of permits available. Only after receiving a work offer or an employment contract from a company of the desired nation may people apply for a Work Visa.

Our Process of Immigration

Upon receiving your request we will contact you to ask for more details of your case, or documents. Based on that we will do an assessment and give you a basic opinion on your chances for immigration. If you are satisfied with the assessment and wish to start immigration proceedings, we will agree on the terms and conditions of our services, we will then assist you through the complete immigration process.


Our Team

Meet our Team of Professionals who can make your dream of immigration come true.
Lola Kushakova

Founder of Canadian Life Immigration Consulting Inc. Firm.

amit mishra
Amit Mishra

Business Development Manager of Canadian Life Immigration Consulting Inc. Firm.

Gloria Philomina Gomes

Founder of Go Global – Immigration and IELTS Training Center

Joseph Gomes

Business Development Manager for Go Global Immigration Consultancy.

Indrajit Ganguly

Business Development Manager for Go Global Immigration Consultancy.


Satisfied Clients


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Canadian Immigration Processing Fees

A standard procedure set by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), government for processing fees, which must be submitted along with visa applications. These fees are same for all nationality or country of origin.

The government processing fees for a permanent or temporary resident visa will depend on the number family members accompanying the principal applicant; these government processing fees are separate from any fees paid to an authorised representative, such as an attorney or consultants.

Permanent residence fees change from program to program, depending on the immigration stream which you apply. All applicants no matter for which program they apply, must pay the right of permanent residence fee once their application is approved.

Note: Applicants applying to certain provincial immigration programs may have to pay additional processing fees as determined by the provincial immigration authority.

Please note these fees are subject to change by IRCC without notice.

How long is the immigration process?

Once all the required documents and applications are submitted, it usually takes up to 12 – 18 months for the completion of the process, and in some cases more. The Canadian government reserves the right to change the processing time without notice.

There are programs that are exempt from the above such as the Express Entry which has a much faster processing time of 6 months.

What are the Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada

  1. Accessing social benefits, e.g. health care;
  2. Access to employment, life, or education anywhere in the country;
  3. Access to the protection offered by Canadian law;
  4. Accessibility to the protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and
  5. Access to apply for Canadian citizenship

Express Entry

Express Entry is inviting immigrants as permanent residents, because of its simplicity and advantages Express Entry is especially popular with foreign nationals.

Express Entry benefits:

  1. Anyone can apply for Express Entry. Eligibility can be checked either by answering a few questions or going through the detailed requirements for each program.
  2. Express Entry draws are held as frequently as every two weeks, which means that every two weeks you could receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for a permanent residency.
  3. Increase your prospects of success by applying with your spouse. This could result in a higher Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) rating.
  4. Should you fail in the Express Entry pool in the first draw, your profile will remain in the pool for a period of one year.
  5. You can continually update your profile, increasing your CRS score and your chances of receiving an ITA. That is not the case in a number of other Canadian programs.

Other Countries Covered

1. Canada
Flag of Canada
2. Australia
Australian Flag
3. The USA
USA Flag
4. The United Kingdom
United Kingdom Flag
5. European Union (Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy)
European Union Flag
6. Middle East Nations (Dubai, Saudi Arab)
Arabian Flag


We understand your requirement and provide quality work.

Shaswat Pandey


In my experience, the experts are so gentle and friendly in nature that you can connect with them to have the best experience. They explain each step of the approach in detail after analyzing the profile to get you the best educational institute in Canada as well.

Ashwin Chugh


I have known Lola for over a decade. They run a professional company in Canada with very good and prompt services for immigration to Canada. Surely the people to start a conversation if you ever want to migrate to Canada.

Chakri C


I have interacted with Canadian Life Immigration Consulting during the last few months. They are systematic, professional in responding, and best in providing the right solution, primarily customizing the solution to individual needs. Quick in action too,


Why select us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality work.
Quality Services

We provide the best quality Immigration services in Kolkata for everyone.

RCIC Approved

We work under the aegis of RCIC (Regulatory Canadian Immigration Consultant).

IELTS Training

Go-Global Immigration also provides IELTS preparation training to students for study immigration visas.

Transparent Services

Our Immigration service is transparent and everyone can check the progress of their application.

Reasonable Cost

The charges of our immigration consultancy are very reasonable in the market. You can compare them with others.

Reputed Company

We are a very reputed immigration consultancy service provider in the entire Eastern India region.


Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration

What is immigration?

Immigration is the legal process of settling in a foreign country. If you have any further questions about immigration policies of different countries, then you can call or WhatsApp us.

Which country is better for immigration?

There are a lot of factors that determine which country is better for immigration. It also depends on your educational background, professional skills, career prospects, and the immigration laws of the country you look forward to migrating to. However, the following three countries are the most immigration-friendly and have flexible visa policies.

  • Canada – This country is easy for both, the students and professionals alike.
  • Australia – This is culturally diverse and is known for its first economic growth.
  • Germany – Obtaining residence in this country gives multiple benefits.
How much does immigration cost?

The cost of immigration depends on the following factors –

  1. The country you like to apply for.
  2. If you cherish applying for yourself or with family.
  3. The type and the range of services you choose.

The general cost ranges from 75,000(INR) to 5,00,000( INR).

How can I get a student visa?

Different countries have different student visa systems and procedures. The acceptance of your student visa application will depend on the following factors:-

  • a) The country of your citizenship.
  • b) The chosen destination country.
  • c) The course you wish to study.
  • d) The institute you wish to join
  • e) The plan to fund the study.
When should I apply for my visa?

It’s never too early to apply for a visa. The visa application process can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. It can take anywhere from six months to up to one year to get a visa after you apply for it. So, it’s always best to apply for a visa at the earliest.

What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant?

An immigration lawyer can officially represent your application, whereas a visa consultant can assist you with the visa application process and post landing services with Go Global, you can hire an immigration consultant or lodge the application yourself.

Why choose a consultant when I can do it myself?

There’s no problem with applying for a study, visit, or work visa on your own, if you have done your homework on the immigration process thoroughly. But note that without proper guidance or complex immigration rules and updates, there’s a high chance of your visa application being turned down if your application doesn’t mitigate the standard requirement.

Which are the visas you provide?

We provide visas for all purposes. Here’s the list of visas we provide:-

  • a) PR( Permanent Residency visa) for Canada and Australia
  • b) Student visa
  • c) Family visa
  • d) Dependant visa
  • e) Business visa
  • f) Visit visa
  • g) Temporary visa
  • h) Retirement visa
What are your Canadian Immigration services?
  • Services offered by Go Global for your Canadian Immigration include the following:-
  • a) Profile evaluation
  • b) Resume writing
  • c) Interview training
  • d) Job-search services
  • e) IELTS/ TOEFL/ German language/ Spanish language/ Italian language coaching
  • f) Documentation
  • g) Visa application and renewal
  • h) Post-landing services.
Why do we choose Go Global immigration consultancy?

Go Global has served unprecedented services in the arena of IELTS preparation training and also visa and immigration consultancy services in collaboration with IG Spoken English Online and also RCIC( Regulations Canadian Immigration Consultant) over the years with unflinching dedication, transparency, and sincerity.

• We work under the aegis of RCIC ( Regulatory Canadian Immigration Consultant)

• You are requested to go through our testimonials and listen to what others say about us. Over 50% of our clients are through word of mouth.

• We boastfully proclaim our crystal clear transparency about the services we render and the charges we demand from our clients. None can call our honesty, sincerity, and transparency in question. We are unquestionably the best Visa and immigration facilitator service provider in Kolkata and the entire Eastern region of India.