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Can I get a Work Permit on the Basis of an SX- 1 Visa in Canada?

We have been watching very recently that this question is in trend. There must be some YouTubers who are provoking the interested people for Canada to apply for the SX-1 Visa and settle in Canada permanently. Do you really think that settling down permanently in Canada is child’s play? The YouTubers are making this sort of alluring video to grow their channels by dint of catching innumerable views and monetization of the channel is of course the main intention behind their effort.

There is no rocket science in SX-1 Visa. SX-1 Visa is nothing but a ” Regular Visit Visa”. If anyone is interested to do any short course below 6 months, then on the visa it’s written SX-1. This is not at all a big issue because if someone comes to Canada on the basis of a Visit Visa and then decides after arrival to pursue a short-term( Below 6 months) course, the candidate can smoothly apply for that and will be granted by the Canadian Government speedily.

Now the most asked question among people that “ Can I be able to work in Canada on the basis of this SX-1 Visa”? / ” Can I get WP( Work Permit ) for this SX-1 visa”? The most straightforward answer to this question is NO. Moreover, there is no chance of conversion from an SX-1 written Visit Visa to a Work Visa.

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