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Canada Updates:-

GGIC( Go Global Immigration Consultant) offers you the “ Canada Diary“, where you will get mainly two types of updates in Canada. One is related to “Immigration-Related” and the other is related to “ International Students“.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, Honble 23rd Prime Minister of Canada

A. Immigration Related Updates:

  1. Express Entry draws had been on hold for approximately 18 months due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the height of the pandemic, travel between countries was limited and government regulations changed frequently. On July 6, 2022, Canada held its first all-program draw since December 2020.

Here are the reasons behind the screen. The last draw of ‘ Express Entry’ was held on 23rd December 2020 and the minimum CRS( Comprehensive Ranking System) was 468 with an ITA( Invitation to Apply) sent to 5000 candidates.

In this ” All-Program Draw” to be held on 6th July 2022, the minimum CRS score was significantly high at 557. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) issued 1500 [ PNP- 700, CEC( Canadian Experience Class)- 595, FSWP- 205] ITA to those who met and surpassed this minimum score.

2. BCPNP( British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program) draw held on 19th July 2022 issued 165 invitations under the skills immigration program.

3. 797 Express Entry( EE) profiles invited in the new SINP( Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) draw on 21st July 2022 targetted 18 NOCs codes. 5 Ukrainians were also invited with a minimum eligibility score.

4. Express Entry draw sent 2000 new invites for PR on 3rd August 2022. CRS cut-off was 533.

5. 163 Candidates were invited to the latest BCPNP draw on 10th August 2022.

6. Saskatchewan PNP draw sent 745 new invites ( 312 occupation in-demand, 433 Express Entry) for PR on 11th August 2022 under the ISW( International Skilled Worker) category which is a combination of 3 different categories( Saskatchewan Express Entry Category, Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation, and Saslatcewan Employment offer)

7. Manitoba PNP draw sent 345 new invites for PR on 11th August 2022. Out of 345 candidates, 257 candidates were invited to Skilled workers in Manitoba( CRS score is 623), 33 candidates were issued invitations to under-skilled workers overseas( CRS Score- 718) and 55 candidates were issued to International Education Stream.

8. Toronto Apartment rents increased by 20% to record with market tightening.

9. Tanco mine in Manitoba is the world’s highest grade lithium. The grade is so high that none had the perfect technology to process it. Tanco mine was one of the world’s few sources of the critical mineral cesium, a primary key ingredient in atomic clocks and radiation detectors. Tanco mine previously produced lithium, a battery metal used in electric cars. China has already encroached on the critical mineral industry of Canada.

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