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Get Citizenship by Investment in your Dream Nation

The Investors Visa Program is also known as the Golden Passport Program for obtaining citizenship by investment or the Golden Visa Program for obtaining residency through investment in a desirable country. Similar initiatives for foreign nationals exist in many developed and developing countries across the world.

Citizenship by investment schemes allows families to obtain alternate citizenship, allowing them to travel freely to numerous destinations and live in another country.

Get Citizenship By Investment

Countries with the finest Citizenship By Investment Visa Programs

Over 100 countries throughout the world have enacted legislation governing investment mobility. According to GO-Global Immigration Consultancy in India about 30 residence and/or citizenship by investment programs are now operational. We’ll talk about the most straightforward path to overseas immigration that supports Citizenship By Investment. You can follow some of the developed countries listed below.

Citizenship By Investment in Canada

Citizenship By Investment in Canada

For investor immigrants looking to relocate, Canada is one of the most preferred locations. In major comparative studies of industrialized nations, it routinely rates high. The Federal Immigrant Investor/Entrepreneur Programs used to be active, however, they were recently shut down.

Other regional business immigration programs, such as:-

  1. Quebec Investor Program
  2. Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  3. Quebec Self-Employed Worker programs

1. Invest in Quebec

An investment agreement for C$1,200,000 over 5 years must be signed with an approved financial intermediary. There is a quota on the number of signed agreements. The investment is backed by the Quebec government. Brokers and trust companies provide applicants with financing possibilities.


At least two years of managerial experience in financial, human, or material resource planning, management, and control. This must be obtained during the previous five years of the application.

Net assets of at least 2,000,000 Canadian Dollars obtained and ready for you alone or with your companion or de facto partner at least six months prior to the application.

2. Entrepreneur in Quebec

The curriculum is divided into two parts.

  1. Creating or acquiring a business in Quebec by submitting a business plan.
  2. Purchase of a company in Quebec.


You must show that you will manage it yourself or that you will participate in it full-time as a management and operations partner (agricultural entrepreneur does not have to work full-time).

You must own at least 25% of the capital equity with a value of at least 100,000 Canadian Dollars, either alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law spouse.

3. Quebec Self-Employed Worker

Candidates have recently been encouraged to settle outside of major regions, with the state offering them low-skill jobs.

Main Requirements

  • You must come to Quebec to develop your own job by practicing a profession or engaging in commercial activities.
  • You must make a start-up deposit of 25,000 Canadian Dollars outside the Montreal Metropolitan Community area or 50,000 Canadian Dollars inside the MMC area at a banking institution.
  • You have financial self-sufficiency with a net worth of $100,000.
  • At least two years of self-employed job experience.
  • Education and a degree in a field that is relevant.
Citizenship By Investment in the USA

Citizenship By Investment in the USA

In the United States, there is no direct method for investing and obtaining citizenship. However, there are various alternative routes you can take.

Investor visa for the United States (EB-5)

The EB5 visa grants permanent status to persons who spend $900,000 or $1.8 million on a new firm that employs 10 full-time Americans across the United States. The investor visa can be advantageous because it allows not only the applicant but also his or her immediate family to get permanent residency in the United States.

E-2 investor visa in the USA

The E-2 visa can be a good alternative to the EB5 investment visa in the United States for many people. The E-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits treaty country investors to work in the United States by investing in a US business.

The E-2 Visa is only available to citizens of nations who have signed an E-2 treaty with the United States. The E-2 treaty is applicable to a large number of countries. The path to residency could be substantially quicker and less expensive than the EB-5 investment visa.

Green card by investment

The EB-5 Visa is an investment-based green card. After two years, investors are issued a temporary green card. Each year, 10,000 applications are available. 5,000 of these are set aside for regional centers to invest in.

Citizenship By Investment in the United Kingdom

Citizenship By Investment in the United Kingdom

The UK Investment Visa is a Tier 1 visa granted to rich persons willing to invest a least £2 million in the UK as part of the UK Points Based System. The more money you invest, the faster you’ll be able to apply for settlement and, eventually, British citizenship.

However, unlike many other countries, the UK Investment Visa is not a straight citizenship-by-investment program. This means that you must first reside in the United Kingdom before applying to become a citizen.

Options for Investments

You must make an investment of £2 million* from one of the following choices to qualify for a UK Investment Visa:

  • A UK-registered corporation that is active and trading.
  • Corporate bonds are issued in the United Kingdom, either as share capital or as loan capital.
Citizenship By Investment in France and Germany

Citizenship By Investment in France

A French passport cannot be earned by investment, although the government does have a procedure for obtaining a residency card. The residence permit program is open to investors above the age of 18 who have a legal source of income and have never been convicted of a crime. You can seek citizenship once a period of time has passed.

Citizenship By Investment in Germany

There is no direct citizenship by investment program in Germany, nor is there a Golden Visa program. However, you may be eligible for German residency if you start a suitable business in the nation. You might receive a permanent residence after three years. You may be eligible for German citizenship after spending a total of six to eight years in Germany.

Citizenship By Investment in Portugal

Citizenship By Investment in Portugal – Golden Visa

With investors attracted to its flexibility and benefits, the Portugal Golden Visa program has proven to be the most popular scheme in Europe. Since its inception in 2012, the investor visa program has received an extensive international promotion, garnering over a thousand primary applications each year.

Investments Options

  • A minimum of €1.5 million must be transferred to Portugal in the form of a bank deposit or other qualifying ways, such as capital to a Portuguese firm.
  • A family with dependent children can obtain a residency visa in Portugal by investing €500,000 (€280,000 or €350,000 decreased option) in real estate.

The golden visa can be renewable every two years as long as the applicant stays in the country for two weeks every two years.

Citizenship By Investment in Malta and Cyprus

Citizenship By Investment in Malta

The Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Outstanding Services by Direct Investment path, now renamed as Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Extraordinary Activities by Direct Investment, is aimed at super-duper net worth individuals.

  • Individual investors must contribute a minimum of €600,000 to the government’s national development fund and show proof of residency for 36 months. There is also an expedited procedure that requires a €750,000 payment and proof of 12 months of residency.
  • In addition, investors must provide €50,000 for each extra dependent on their application. In addition to the payment, investors must spend an additional €700,000 in residential real estate or enter into a five-year rental agreement with a minimum value of €16,000 each year.
  • Mandatory payment of €10,000 to a non-governmental approved philanthropic, cultural, sporting, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic organization or society is also required.

Citizenship By Investment in Cyprus

Through the Cypriot Investment Program, qualifying individuals can get Cyprus citizenship in as little as six months by investing in real estate. With a minimum investment of €2,200,000, it is Europe’s only direct citizenship scheme that offers such an easy option to gain dual citizenship without residency requirements.