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Citizenship Programs around the World

There are different types of citizenship programs across the World. Various developed nations around the world offer various types of citizenship opportunities to people all over the World.

Canada, Australia, many nations from the European Union (France, Germany, Spain, and so on), and the USA has similar Citizenship programs. If you plan to move into one of these nations, Go Global Immigration Consultants in Kolkata can help you.

Citizenship Programs in Canada

Among all other developed nations around the World, Canada has the easiest Citizenship Program for foreign nationals. To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must first fulfill specific qualifying requirements and submit an application. These are listed below.

  • be a permanent resident;
  • have resided in Canada for three of the past five years;
  • have submitted your taxes, if applicable.
  • demonstrate your knowledge of Canada;
  • demonstrate your linguistic abilities

Three Types of Citizenship Programs in Canada

Canada as a Country offers three different kinds of Citizenship Programs to foreign nationals. These are:-

Permanent Residency through Spouse

If you are already married to a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, obtaining a Permanent Residency on your own is substantially easier. Canada values family unity, therefore if you have already established that you are dedicated to sharing your life with someone, raising children, and the like, Canada would welcome your family to live and thrive inside its boundaries.

Program for Federal Skilled Workers

Because of the tremendous support of the Prairie Provinces, who sorely need qualified workers to come into their lands, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which was just revised, is certain to become highly popular in the coming year.

A Student Visa provides permanent residency

Canada understands that by teaching individuals, they are making an investment in those pupils, rather than simply letting them go. This is why it is possible for immigrants who have studied at Canadian institutions and worked for Canadian firms for a set number of years to get a Permanent Residency and, eventually, citizenship.

Australian Citizenship Programs

Requirements for Australian Citizenship

Becoming an Australian citizen entails a long-term commitment to Australia and everything it stands for.

General qualifying requirements for citizenship:-

Those above the age of 18 who seek Australian citizenship must generally:-

  • Having passed a citizenship examination.
  • Minimum 12 months as a permanent resident at the time of application
  • Fulfill the residency criterion at the time of determination
  • be likely to remain, or continue to dwell, in Australia or maintain a close and continuous relationship with Australia
  • be of good character

Citizenship Test

If you meet the general eligibility requirements, you must pass a test before applying for Australian citizenship. To take the exam, you must:

  • Be an Australian permanent resident
  • Submit proof of your identification to the department throughout the registration procedure
  • Enable the government to take a photograph of you or supply one yourself.
Australian Citizenship Programs
How to get Citizenship in the European Union Nations

Citizenship Programs in the European Union

citizenship programs in the European Union

An EU passport is extremely advantageous in terms of personal, economic, and social security. Not only will you be able to live and work in any EU nation, but you will also be able to travel visa-free to the majority of countries worldwide. However, in order to gain European citizenship, you must satisfy a number of requirements.

How Do I Obtain European Citizenship?

European citizenship can be obtained in one of three methods, as detailed below:

  • By descent – if you have a family member who can provide you with EU citizenship.
  • Naturalization – if you lived and worked in an EU nation long enough to qualify for citizenship.
  • By investment – if you have the funds to invest in an EU nation and get citizenship.
How to be a Citizen in the USA?

Citizenship Programs in the USA

The United States of America, known across the globe as the country of opportunity, has a rich and diverse culture, one of the world’s strongest currencies, and one of the most sought-after passports.

Qualification Requirements

To be eligible for the program, candidates must meet one of the investment alternatives listed below, as well as the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Display the legal source of assets and cash.

What are the Four Types of Immigration Status in the United States?

People in the United States are classified into four groups, as stated below. Because a criminal conviction might delay your immigration procedure, the types of offenses are also discussed on this page.

American citizens

These are persons who were born in the United States or who were “naturalized” after three or five years as permanent residents.

Permanent or Temporary Residents

Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) are those who have a “green card.” A green card holder, also known as a legal permanent resident, is someone who has been granted permanent permission to live and work in the United States. As confirmation of your legal status, you are given a permanent resident card, sometimes known as a green card.

Conditional Residents

Conditional residents are people who were married within the last two years before receiving their green card.


People in this group are lawfully present in the nation, but only temporarily. Here are several examples:

  • college students (F-1 visa)
  • Visitors on business or tourism (B1/B2 visas)
  • girlfriends (K-1 visa)
  • Individuals who have been awarded temporary protected status.