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Course Updates

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Current Admission Programs in Canada

Ongoing PG Programs

Technology Foundations (Icet)1 Year UG Program
Aerospace Manufacturing Engg. Technician2 Year UG Program
Health Studies And Communications Skills1 Year UG Program
Personal Support Worker1 Year UG Program
Culinary Management (Winter)2 Year UG Program
Culinary Skills1 Year UG Program
Financial Services2 Year UG Program
Nutrition and Food Service Management2 Year UG Program
Office Administration – General1 Year UG Program
Office Administration – Legal2 Year UG Program
Pharmacy Technician2 Year UG Program
Pre-health Sciences Pathway To Certificate & Diplomas1 Year UG Program
Software Engineering Technician2 Year UG Program
Early Childhood Education2 Year UG Program
Electrical Engineering Technician2 Year UG Program
Tourism2 Year UG Program
Hospitality Skills1 Year UG Program
Food And Beverage Management – Restaurant Operations2 Year UG Program
Business – International Business2 Year UG Program
Business – Supply Chain And Operations2 Year UG Program
Heating, Refrigeration, And Air Conditioning Technician2 Year UG Program
Automation& Robotics-Electro-Mechanical Engg. Technician2 Year UG Program
Performing Arts Fundamentals1 Year UG Program
Liberal Arts To University Of Toronto Scarborough2 Year UG Program
Law Clerk2 Year UG Program
Energy Systems Engineering Technician2 Year UG Program
Computer Systems Technician – Networking2 Year UG Program
Computer Repair And Maintenance1 Year UG Program
Community And Child Studies Foundations1 Year UG Program
Communications And Media Fundamentals1 Year UG Program
Bookkeeping1 Year UG Program
Interactive Media Management1 Year (3 Semesters)
International Business Management1 Year (3 Semesters)
Project Management1 Year (3 Semesters)
Strategic Management1 Year PG Program
Strategic Management – (Accounting Spcl.)1 Year PG Program
Marketing Corporate Account Mgmt. (Optional Co-Op)1 Year PG Program
International Development (Optional Co-op)3 Semesters
Electronics Engineering Technician (Fast Track)1 Year Program
Hospitality-Hotel Operation Management (Winter)2 Year Program
Food Media1 Year PG Program
Food Tourism1 Year PG Program
Financial Planning1 Year PG Program
Hotel, Resort, And Restaurant Management1 Year PG Program
Event Management1 Year PG Program
Software Engineering Technician (Fast Track)1 Year Program
Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast Track)2 Year Program
Food Science Technology (Fast Track)2 Year Program
Health Informatics Technology (Fast Track) Optional Coop2 Year UG Program
Business Administration – Accounting (Fast Track)3 Semesters
Energy Systems Engineering Technician (Fast Track)1 Year Program
Mechanical Engineering Technician-Design (Fast Track)1 Year Program
Computer System Technology Networking (Fast Track)2 Year UG Program
Bio-Technology (Fast Track)1 Year UG Program

Updates on Immigration Programs and Courses