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Get an Entrepreneurship visa from your desired country

Startup Visa Programs

Get Startup Visa as a businessman or an entrepreneur from your dream Nation. Now, you can move to a country of your choice just by starting your own business or moving an existing one. If you are looking for a Startup Visa for yourself, then contact Go Global’s professional Immigration Consultants in Kolkata.

Startups provide a significant boost to economies. Countries with foresight know this. Governments are reacting by introducing startup visa schemes that provide fast-track residence and citizenship. These programs (also known as entrepreneur visas) are designed for those with exceptional ideas and business drives.

Startup Visa Programs

Benefits of Relocating startups Abroad?

A founder may choose an overseas move as a mission-critical item on the route to success for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Market and customer access,
  • New public and private financing sources.
  • Investment ecosystems and investor groups that can fund novel goods and services.
  • Hire crucial talents and technologies that may be harder to get in your native nation.
  • Obtain advantageous tax regimes.

A road to residency, citizenship, and a passport in a new nation for you and your family. The number of nations is astounding and continues to expand. It contains both difficult-to-reach countries and desired locations.

Which Nations offer Startup Visas to Foreign Nationals?

The following developed nations have a startup visa or entrepreneur visa programs:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Quebec in Canada has a distinct program that is managed at the state level.
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
Startup Visas

Startup Visas that You Can Get from Different Nations

Canada Quebec

Canada Startup Visa

Canada has a distinct program that is managed at the state level For qualified business founders, the Canada startup visa program provides permanent residency. The most important aspect of this program is obtaining assistance for your company from a specified organization.

As part of the same firm, up to five employees may apply. They must, however, each possess at least 10% of the company’s voting stock. When applying, applicants and supporting organizations must possess at least 50% of the voting rights in the corporation.

Quebec Startup Visa (Canada)

Quebec has its own immigration programs that are distinct from the rest of Canada’s immigration policies. The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is an immigration option for immigrant entrepreneurs who either start a new firm or buy and run an existing one.

Startup Visas from Countries in the European Union

Denmark Startup Visa

Denmark has a specific government organization that supports the startup visa program. Founders have access to a wide spectrum of government assistance. Most social benefits, including Denmark’s famous health and education systems, are available to you, your spouse, and your children.

Portugal Startup Visa

The government of Portugal has been at the forefront of attracting immigrants via investment. With programs such as “On the Spot Firm” centers, they have pushed hard to make doing business easier. In less than an hour, you may establish a new business or a unit of a foreign corporation.

Portugal Startup Visa
Spain Madrid

Spain Startup Visa

The startup visa is known as the Spain Entrepreneur Visa. The main criterion for evaluating your application is a judgment based on the advantages your company will provide to Spain. While some other visas place a strong emphasis on new items, Spain’s criteria are broader. You must demonstrate that it will create jobs, as well as have a clear business strategy, adequate finances, insurance, a clean criminal background, and other factors.

Estonian Startup Visa

Do you know, which country in the European Union has the most startups per capita? Estonia holds the distinction. Skype, for example, was founded in Estonia. Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, Seedcamp, Matrix Partners, and Intel Capital are among the active investors in the Estonian startup scene. The Estonian government recognized this opportunity and now provides a variety of Estonian visas and residency permits.

Netherlands Entrepreneur Visa

The Netherlands is a country of business owners. The great entrepreneur visa given by the Dutch government reflects this approach. The Dutch government implemented it in January 2015 in order to encourage international enterprises. The one-year license allows ambitious internationals to launch their creative firm in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

Ireland Startup Visa

Ireland is home to three of the top five gaming firms in the world (like EA and Activision). It is home to nine of the world’s top ten technological and internet businesses, including Facebook and Google. Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is home to over 2000 companies, and €300 million was financed in the city in 2015.

Temple Bar in Ireland Dublin
Canal in Venice Italy

France Entrepreneur Visa

The French government spreads out the red carpet for startup founders, investors, and IT workers. While the standards for each category vary, it is worthwhile to investigate France’s startup environment regardless of where you are in the startup ecosystem. Over the last five years, France has become Europe’s fastest-growing startup environment.

Italy Startup Visa

The Italy Startup Visa is one of the most favorable startup visa programs in Europe. It will be of particular relevance to any startup looking to expand to Italy in order to receive R&D financing. The Italian Startup Visa program can be applied for directly or via one of Italy’s incubation programs.

Latvia Startup Visa

Latvian startup visa was designed by the Latvian government with the goal of attracting more skilled persons to Latvia to explore creative concepts. It is a temporary residency permit with different acquisition requirements. Relaxed restrictions have been implemented to make the procedure easier for new entrepreneurs.

Startup Visas in Other Developed Countries

UK Startup Visa

The UK Startup Visa (formerly known as a Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa) is an entry-level alternative for entrepreneurs who want to start a new firm in the UK without an item of large initial capital expenditure. This visa is valid for three years and four months and can be extended for another two years.

Australia Startup Visa

The Australia Business Innovation Visa program aims to entice overseas entrepreneurs and investors to start, develop, or relocate their firms to Australia. This temporary visa is intended for those with business talents. It allows you to start or expand an existing business in Australia.

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