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What are the Reasons for Students’ Visa Rejection in Canada?

Student Visa is one of the most popular pathways to migrate to Canada permanently. It’s the most lucrative one for everyone because through this pathway one can immigrate to Canada without any job offer. IRCC has released countrywide study permit approval rates for Canada. In 2020 the approval rate for India was 48% but it increased to 56% in 2022. It was a cakewalk during the pre-pandemic period but now it’s become an ordeal for multiple reasons.

Before going to the actual discussion, you should know the reasons to study in Canada. Why do the students prefer Canada for their higher studies? According to a survey conducted by “ The Canadian Bureau of International Education“, ” International Students choose Canada for its reputation as a safe and inclusive country“. Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for international students who aspire to study in Canada due to its high quality of education, low cost of living, relatively welcoming government policies on the study, and post-study work opportunities for international students. Here are the five(5) important reasons behind their choice:-

a) World’s Best Universities

b) Excellent Quality of Life

c) Beautiful Place to Live

d) Employment Opportunity

e) Immigration Options

Which Course to Study in Canada to get High Pay jobs in Canada in 2022 and 2023?

There are multiple courses in Canada for getting high-paying jobs in Canada. The most prospective among those are the following:-

a) Data Science

b) Software Development

c) Logistic and Supply Chain

d) Cloud Computing( 1,20,000(CAD) per anum salary in Canada in 2022)

What is the Study Permit Approval Rate of Canada in 2022 According to Provinces?

This list dates till February 2022

Province Approval Rate(%)

Alberta 59

British Columbia 59

Ontario 56

Novascotia 48

Northwest Territories 44

Manitoba 50

New Brunswick 43

Prince Edward Island 50

Quebeck 34

Saskatchewan 47

What are the Documents Required for Studying in Canada as an International Student?

The most important documents required for studying in Canada as an International student are as follows:-

a) SF( School Final) or 10th Marksheet

b) HS( Higher Secondary) or 12th Marksheet

c) Graduation Documents

d)Study Permit and Visa Stamp

e) Recent Transcript

f) Offer Letter

g) Enrollment Letter

h) English Proficiency Test( IELTS Score)

What are the Primary Reasons for Study Permit or Student Visa Refusal in Canada in 2022?

There are multiple reasons behind the study permit or student visa rejection in Canada in 2022. The top ten(10)reasons are as follows:-

1. Fail to Show Proper Study Plan:

What is the relationship between the subject you choose to study in Canada and its consequent impact on your future career path? That is sometimes not exhibited on your SOP ( Statement of Purpose) in a rock-solid way. That is one of the valid reasons for student visa rejection.

2. Lack of Proper Fund:-

The proof of proper funds plays a vital role in the study permit refusal in Canada for international students. There may be the correct proof of fund shown for some students but the source of fund is not clearly mentioned or that source of the fund doesn’t have a proper tax document. There should be proper tax documents of the person who is funding the student for higher study in Canada.

3. Insane Study Gap:-

The third reason for study visa rejection in Canada is a study gap. The study gap which is allowed in Canada( The study gap of up to 2 years is acceptable for Undergraduate and Diploma applicants and the study gap of up to 5 years is acceptable for postgraduate applicants), if exceeded by the student may create big trouble for the international student to pursue their study in Canada.

4. Poor IELTS Band Score

IELTS Score ( 6.5 Band Score) is highly required to get admission to a Canadian college or university. So, if your band score is not at all up to the mark( Below 5), maybe the valid cause of student visa refusal.

5. Hiding Information:-

Any kind of hiding personal, academic, and professional information may cause a detrimental effect on your study visa approval. You will be blacklisted for good if it is divulged by any means. So, hiding relevant information may be one of the important causes of student visa refusal.

6. Suppression of Criminal or Health Records:-

Students sometimes suppress their criminal or health record which causes student visa rejection. They don’t mention it at first and then are caught in the red hand and thus lose the opportunity to pursue their higher study in Canada.

7. Earlier Poor Performance:-

Sometimes this reason also plays a vital role in student visa refusal. The immigrant officer sometimes believes that the student will not be able to graduate as his or her earlier track record in the academic field is unsound. Due to earlier poor performance and difficult subjects in the student’s academic course what he or she has chosen may become problematic for the student to get through smoothly.

8. Lack of Ties to Home Country:-

There are some students who don’t mention clearly on their SOP that they are going to return to their home country after the completion of their studies in Canada. There are so many students who overstay in Canada even after their student visa or study permit expiry. This should be explicitly mentioned on the SOP.

9. Lack of Proper Documentation:-

Lack of proper documentation also plays a vital cause in study permit rejection. The student sometimes make mistake and forget to upload the document. The student has to make sure that he or she has uploaded all the trusted documents in a structured format.

10. Legion of Applications:-

Last but not least is the huge number of applications. International students are the Laxmi to Canada. International students are the potent pillar of their economy. Canada always welcomes international students. The acceptance rate of study permits in Canada was 80 – 85% during the pre-pandemic period, but this percentage has dropped miserably to 50 – 55% in the post-pandemic period. This doesn’t mean that the seats in Canadian colleges and universities are going empty or blank. The actual reason is an overflow of interest among the students to study in Canada for multiple reasons which may strengthen their future. There is a sudden increment of 30 – 50% application for study in Canada. This is followed by an increment in the refusal rate for study permits in Canada.

The rejection rate of student visas in Canada is almost 50% in 2022. Even the toppers were also turned down from sure-shot entry to Canada for higher study. This is highly alarming. Many students with distinction grades and impressive 7 Band Scores in IELTS are also rejected twice. This is simply a bolt from the blue to them. This is really shocking too. The students have started to change their minds and have further decided to pursue their higher studies in India. They have already applied to refund the college fees. After covid, the overseas education scope was almost shattered. Canadian student visa rejection rate has more than doubled in 2022 than pre-pandemic session. So, what is the way out? There is definitely a way out. Students should take the help of RCIC approved Canadian consultant who will do everything for them; from college searching to student visas at the cost of reasonable service charges. There are a total of 8000 RCIC-approved consultants in Canada right now who have been working painstakingly for the students, of the students, and by the students. They are highly responsible, dedicated, and completely true to their profession. If you want to save money then you have to take a colossal risk. Highering an RCIC-approved consultant will invariably minimize the chance of study permit rejection in Canada. So be wise and think twice before taking any decision.

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